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The Tilton Sports Center has 4 Batting Cages available for rent. 

HOW THE BATTING CAGES @ TILTON SPORTS CENTER OPERATES The Batting Cages at The Tilton Sports Center is a time-based, shared-space facility. Individuals can access the facility as a walk-in guest, as a member, or can rent a cage by the hour. WALK-IN GUESTS Individuals can practice as walk-ins for a guest fee of $35 per hour or $20 per half hour with no reservation or membership required. This time period is calculated from the time one signs in at the front desk. MEMBERS Members are subject to the same rules as walk-in guests, but they are not limited in time and do not pay each time they use the facility. See the Membership page for more details.


– Under 18 must have a waiver form signed by their parent/guardian.

– Youth under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

– Time starts on the half or whole hour.

– Once your time is up, please stop the machine and put all balls back into the bucket.

– Please bring your own bat. ( We have a limited supply of helmets) Adults it is recommended that you bring your own helmet as we have very few Adult Helmets

– Batter must provide own feeder.

– All batters, either hitting or on deck, and feeders must wear a helmet.
– All access is time based
– All time is shared time – by rule everyone must take turns in the cages. – No one gets a cage exclusively unless they rent it. No live throwing or hitting/tee work is allowed if others want to use the machines. – A machine only throws 20 balls each time it is started, 20 is the most balls anyone gets in a row if others are in line to use it. – Everyone must pick up all the balls they hit or throw in ANY cage and return them to the machines/buckets. – Only those who have paid the fee or are members are allowed to hit in the cages – including parents. Parents (only) are allowed to throw to or perform drills with their own kids free of charge. – Anyone wishing to conduct personal instruction MUST rent a cage to do so. We do not allow freelance personal instruction without a cage rental. – Use of the Pitching Cage and 45' Hitting Cage is limited to 20 minute intervals when others are waiting. It is STRONGLY suggested that users sign up at the front desk to use these cages, or risk being asked to exit for others who do sign up. COMPLETE RULES OF USE ARE AVAILABLE AT THE FACILITYRENTALS Any cage can be rented by the hour or half hour for exclusive use – this is usually done by teams or groups or those wishing to hit baseballs or softballs. It is always best to reserve cages in advance to ensure availability