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Free Agency

Soccer Free Agency at TSC

Soccer Free Agency at TSC

Free Agents are soccer players who want to play indoor soccer but do not have a team that they are coming in with. We will attempt to place a free agent on an existing team OR create a team of free agents.

We do not provide a coach for these teams and rely on a couple of the parents to assist with the coaching duties. Indoor games are once per week, there are no practices so the coaching duties are helping out on the sidelines during the game.

The players warm up for about 2 minutes before the game and that is usually just a dribbling and shooting exercise in front of the net. For all age groups the game itself is two 26 minute halves and you would be there to sub the girls in and out to try and provide equal play time to everyone.

You’re also there as cheerleader-in-chief, providing positive encouragement to the players.