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Soccer Information



Our 2016 Winter Session #1 will begin the week of October 23, 2016.

The fee for this session is $1100 per team. If you register a team for both sessions save $75 per session.   All teams will play 12 games. For teams in the U-6 age group will be $700 per team. U-6 games will be played on half a field. We recommend 10-12 players per team.

Tilton Sports Center (TSC) offers Soccer Programs for U6 and above. Players who are not on a team but are looking to be placed on one are called Free Agents. While we will try our best, Free Agents are not guaranteed a spot on a team. TSC will try to find an opening or will create a house team if there are enough players (see Free Agency section of our website for more info). Once an opening is found you will be contacted, then payment of $115 will be due prior to the second week. If continuing on from Session 1 to Session 2, players continuing on the same House Team will be able to use the same shirt from the first session.

The peak indoor season generally begins in late October/early November, after the outdoor season has been completed.

Sessions run year round for adult leagues, and from late October until late June for youth leagues. A summer session is also offered for youth if there are enough teams interested to form a league.

Approximate session dates:

Fall session: Early September to late October (8 weeks)
1st Winter Session: Late October to mid January (12 weeks)
2nd Winter Session: mid January to early April (12 weeks)
Spring session: mid April to mid June (8 weeks 1 Week off for April Vacation)
Summer session: Late June to mid August (8 weeks)

We will be offering the following age groups for Soccer.

U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, Middle School, High School, and Adult

Please note In 2016 US Soccer changed the way that the age group for you child plays in be determined.  It is now being based on birth year.  Please see the chart below.

Is my son or daughter still going to be able to play with his or her friends and classmates? The answer to this depends on a variety of factors, and one major consideration is how your club is making teams. Playing on a team with all of your friends isn’t always a reality in the current environment. This is similar to not having all of your friends in the same class or classes at school.

How can teams continue to be registered together? Players still have the ability to “play up” with older teammates. In addition to being on a team with their peers, “playing up” can also allow players to compete in a more challenging environment, which can aid in their future development.


Age Group Chart

In 2016 US Soccer announced the change from school year age groups to birth year age groups. Effective Fall 2016, league play and tournaments will be run in birth year age divisions

When reading age groups: U8 should be read as 8 and younger, etc.

Soccer Season Fall 2016 – Spring '17 Fall 2017 – Spring '18 Fall 2018 – Spring '19
Birth Year      
2013     U6
2012   U6 U7
2011 U6 U7 U8
2010 U7 U8 U9
2009 U8 U9 U10
2008 U9 U10 U11
2007 U10 U11 U12
2006 U11 U12 U13
2005 U12 U13 U14
2004 U13 U14 U15
2003 U14 U15 U16
2002 U15 U16 U17
2001 U16 U17 U18
2000 U17 U18 U19
1999 U18 U19  
1998 U19*  

For Adult Sessions:
Determined by player's age on the first day of the session.